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The Next Big Thing

Ok, the title is a bit presumptive. This is just another "I never post here" post. I suppose I've had fewer and fewer private things to say that I don't want family/coworkers to know about (who are included in my facebook audience). I have merged my multiple lives more into one for simplicity.

Quick update:

I bike 50-80 miles a week, still. About to go on a bikepacking camp trip next weekend.

Brindle and I have 3 greyhounds and 3 cats (plus one very large foster greyhound). We are at our house's limit on pets.

We are much closer to actually remodeling our house.

Know anyone who wants a '64 Impala? Charlotte is for sale. We need the room.

A tree branch fell on my WRX last year and I now have a Subaru STi wagon. WHEEEE!

Brandi and I will be going to Burning Flipside this year.

In the first 3 months of this year, I've travelled to Chicago (work), New Mexico (snowboarding), New York (work), and Austin for SXSW Interactive. I've been everywhere, man. Oh, and it snowed heavily in every city I visited except for Austin (and snowed in Dallas usually upon my return). I began to think that making it snow was my superpower until Austin.

Work has been busy as hell. I have many minions now and seldom do "actual" work but instead spend time in meetings and/or delegating.

If you feel the need to keep up with me and you're willing to tolerate the dark side, find me on facebook. Otherwise, you will be stuck with annual/biannual updates here.
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