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Annual Report

Since moving on to different e-pastures, I think my "permanent" account here deserves some occasional updating. It was just over a year ago that I last posted here.

Life is a bit different. Brindle and I moved into a duplex for 6 months while remodeling our home and have since moved back into our wonderful new old home. We still have the same 3 greyhounds and 3 cats, but our foster dog is now a pit bull.

Still happy with the STi wagon, but I must concede that for the money, I don't really drive it as hard as I should. In the 1.5 years that I've owned it, I still haven't taken it to the racetrack. That, and I ride my bike almost as many miles as I drive the car. We sold our '64 Impala, as we could not justify the garage space for a car that we never drove. Now we need to get the '66 Chevy truck running.

Late last year, I got a Vassago Fisticuff bike frame/fork and over the following few months collected parts for it until I finally got it rideable. This bike stands somewhere between a heavy duty road bike and a lightweight 29er mountain bike. Once I have 2 sets of wheels so that I don't have to swap road (35c) and offroad (42c) tires every time I switch modes, I'll be happier with selling off more of my bike herd. It also sports gears or single speed just fine, has front and rear racks and dirt drop handle bars. This is The One for me (for now). Just very recently, Brindle and I have started riding our two tandem bikes. They are always fun.

Not much has changed at work in the past year. I still have minions doing my bidding. I still travel occasionally for projects. Deadlines still get met. The only thing I'm about to face is a return to coding in Java. I've been using mostly PHP since leaving the J2EE world in 2002. 9 years is a decent hiatus.

Brindle and I have been through a long home remodeling process among other things and, though we've had trials and tribulations, are much closer right now than we were a year ago.

New and Continued Interests from the past year:
* Brindle
* Robin
* Friends in general
* Barefoot running shoes
* Stair climbing
* Flipside theme camp (The Queen's Mushroom)
* Flipside
* Myschevia
* Art (I've made a large vibrating mushroom chair and made plans for giant LOLerskates)
* Cooking (in my nice new kitchen)
* Making things in general. Waiting to clear my garage before going big on any projects.
* Going out to shows
* Drinking booze and occasionally smoking my "Jr Bob Dobbs" style pipe
* Social bike rides
* Santa Rampage (and flash mobs/themed bar crawls in general)
* Finding things I've always wanted to do and doing them
* Finding things I've never considered doing before and doing them

I'm currently in East Texas hanging out with relatives. About to workout or eat breakfast. Not sure which.
Tags: life update, tagging is silly with one entry per year

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