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yesterday was strange

Yesterday was very high stress all day long. I woke up with high blood sugar. I went to work and found a serious bug in my production server code. It took most of the day to find it, and an hour to fix it. I again got high blood sugar in the afternoon, so I started to suspect that my insulin had gone bad (it happens).

Anyways, I left work early to go see the Kodo Drummers play at SMU. I will never purchase cheap tickets to a show there again. The people around us absolutely sucked. We had coughers, stinky people, rude people talking through the performance, and the most annoying heavy breather that I could hear OVER the loudest drumming (day snoring mouth breather!). If the Kodo drummers weren't just absolutely cool, I would have had a horrible time. As it stands, I don't look forward to seeing Ravi and Anoushka Shankar or Phillip Glass perform there later this year unless we purchase more expensive tickets. Is it the case that people who only pay $10 for a ticket just have no clue how to behave at a show?

I'm still having BS issues, but intend on going on a Dallas Arts Stroll downtown this afternoon. I'm still sick, but this'll be a good excuse to be outside today.

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