Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

I hereby damn SBC to the bowels of Hell..

Well, some time Friday evening, SBC started blocking all incoming connections to my home, so and all of the images and stuff that it hosts are unavailable. It is not possible to get a network engineer on the phone or email that can even understand the problem, much less know any way of fixing it. I don't blame the support people, they have to talk to idiots all day long, and generally don't deal with "my incoming TCP ports are currently blocked" problems. I know it's them, because, according to nmap, my little 486 Linux firewall is running MS SQL Server and several other typically Microsoft products. I wonder if they setup some sort of masquerading scheme like I have here at home.


On my day off, I:

0. Went to club Spooky night before with Brindle and got drunk/had fun.
1. Slept in till noon (went to sleep around 4a night before).
2. Sat around most of the day.
3. Read freshmeat for the first time in months.
4a. Went for a walk with Brindle.
4b. Went for a run afterwards (under the threat of nasty thunderstorms).
5. Stayed up late watching The Legend of Drunken Master (Jackie Chan, 1994).

Today, I:

1. Got contact lenses.
2. Ate lunch at Veggie Garden w/Brindle.
3. Went shopping at various oriental shops in Richardson.
1a. Got sunglasses ASAP.
4. Drank Coffee.
5. Discovered and started dealing with SBC connectivity issue.
6. Started updating my LiveJournal.
7. (I haven't done this yet:) Went out to see Coctails for Five play.

I haven't thought much about work, other than to have purchased a lava lamp yesterday for my office.
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