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Here we go..

Ok, recently, I've come into some pressure to update my LJ...

This is it.

Recent events (in no specific order):

  • I accepted a permanent position as Software Engineer with the company that I was contracting with. Several stipulations on expected max hours per week, minimum quality procedures, etc. were agreed upon.

  • I went to the hospital for the first time due to diabetes-related issues. I was puking too much and got severely dehydrated. I was out 2 hours later. I worked all day the next day.

  • We're buying a 70 year old house in Oak Lawn Heights. I'm all about HGTV n shit. Looks like a 2-year hobby. We close on it next week.

  • I've been boozing perhaps more than moderately lately. I'll let you know if it actually becomes a problem (*hiccup*).

  • I occasionally smoke cigarettes lately when I go out.

  • Life is still short, and I still want a 2002 Subaru WRX (can you say "mid-youth crisis?").

  • I still enjoy bitching, flirting and, occasionally, a bit of the ol' mind control.

  • Throughout all the excessive working/etc., I've kept to a fairly consistent workout routine. I'm in pretty good shape.

  • I've found that I really enjoy ping-pong. I can make the ball do 90-degree curves at times, though I don't hold the paddle upside-down like those oriental guys tend to do.

  • I might get to make nullcraft a worktime reality. My boss asked me to document it's features and present it as a content management service specialty of our company. This makes me very happy.

When I went perm on my job, I decided to check out my LJ friends page at least once a day. Well, I seem to be able to keep up with about twice a week or so.. I'm going to, again, attempt to read my friends page for half an hour a day at work. I'll be sure to bill it to whatever my most annoying client is at the time. I hope to be more interactive in the near future.

Ok, for realtime data, I'll let you know that I'm about to go to dinner with brindle, sequarnihil and errattum. This outta be fun!
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