Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

X-mas Update

Ok, again with the pressure to update...

Our house is in chaos. Pictures will soon be available of all of this. It flooded 2 weeks ago because of a lack of roof in a time of rain. Our whole house was monsoon-ed into submission, and gravity had it's way with our wet walls and ceilings. We got an unplanned skylight in our utility room when the ceiling just all fell out (insulation and all) onto our clean clothing (several baskets). Remnants of the flood are still here, but the pain has passed a bit. Our roof is almost finished (the main house roof) and next will be the carport, which was removed at the beginning of the project. That puts the current exterior remodeling job at about 70% complete. The contractor claims that he is going to fix the water damaged ceilings, but who knows when that'll get done.

In other news, work is getting interesting. I'm participating heavily in the development of community software. Similar to LJ, Drupal is open source software for running web-based communities. I'm currently writing an object-relational mapper for it. Some of our most heinous clients are going away (yay me) and I'm getting to work on several new accounts that haven't devolved into loathsome buckets of bile splatter.

I'm on a new 'betes regimen of Novalog and Lantus. I just got these new drugs in the past few weeks, and my blood sugar has been in chaos ever since. I'm still trying to get the hang of these new meds. I can see great potential once I figure out how to use them. For now, I just poke myself a lot.

I'd like to enjoy the day before it's gone, so I leave you, the reader, with these fragments of my plight. There are many more topics of interest in my life, but I would rather live them than write about them here every time I conjure up some notable data.

Carpe Dinero
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