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durka durka
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Wednesday, December 25th, 2002

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xmas eve fun(?)..
Okay, last night was mostly ok, but I found myself with an unbalanced amount of moronicism. We went to the Moon Mansion party, and there were a whole bunch of people there. I guess it was the booze, but I found myself surrounded by idiocy or at least tediocy. I was passed back and forth from one ear-bender to the next, tolerating one form of annoyance or another. From people yakking about music that I couldn't care less about, to people unloading boyfriend issues (AT A PARTY, mind you!!) to the drunk woman who insisted on braiding my hair all fucked up. There were inconsiderate pyromaniacs and more brats than you could shoot with a pellet gun. There were pleasant times, but it seems that every time I strayed from those I came with or knew well, I found myself trying to escape someone's verbal clutches.

It was very nice to see Xina and Cabe, who both looked very nice. And Cabe cleaned up very well for the occasion. I haven't seen him in over a year, and almost didn't recognize him. He seems very different from what I remember, since he has given up drinking and shaved his beard.

After that event, we stopped by The Grapevine for some socializing and cooling off (like we needed it or something). I still stink from the log burning stoves out on the back porch there. It was nice to see the regulars there (Aymie, Damon, Lance, Sohail, Rich, Dorothy just to name a few).

This long weekend has worn me down a bit. Between the annoying people I keep finding myself around, and the Xmas cheer, I'm about to implode. I think I'm overdue for a few days of relaxing work. I can hardly wait.

Current Mood: annoyed

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