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durka durka
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Saturday, June 5th, 2004

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Last night
I am bitter about not going out last night. I felt very drugged and unrealistically sleepy. I missed at least two good shows (Rasputina and Machine Screw, for those not in Dallas or not in the know..). I *HATE* having diabetes sometimes...it really gets in the way.

To offset some of my bitterness, I decided to channel my hate into a fine project of high geekdom. I decided to download all of my friends' friends' friend lists. I didn't realize that my LJ friends and I know about 2000 users in all.

Initial statistics of my friendsCollapse )

Overall, there is about 5MB (5113K) of friend data in 1957 files. I plan to load this data into some network analysis tools soon and tinker with it. Perhaps I'll put up a tool so that people can see how many different ways they know me. On second thought, I'm probably not that ego-centric. Either way, look forward to nifty thingies and doodads to come.

Update: umm...Thanks to brindle, I found some data integrity "issues". Thanks for the linking to user's accts trick, too...

Update (2): Cyber-suicides (deleted accounts) are not counted, and I harvested this data over the past day or so, so new additions/removals may not be accounted for.

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