April 5th, 2008

mah skull


Today, we went window shopping for french doors. We found an older pair of doors in good shape that we really like. They were the only decent pair of doors that fit our openning. If it's still there next weekend, we're buying it.

I got some bike parts in. I got a new handlebar to replace the rusty steel one on my old Cannondale. It's like 1/5 the weight of the steel bar and only cost $14. I cut it down to size before mounting it, as I prefer a short handlebar for mostly road riding. I have yet to try it out, but I expect little to change. However, this should reduce the bike's weight down to near 24lbs if I'm guessing right. I'm not much of a weight weenie, but it is nice to have a lightweight bike.

I was going to write more, but that's all I remember.