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LJ Tricks followup

Tinkering around with work-related stuff, I came across a refrigerator magnet doodad. I adapted it for the purposes of slandering LJ users.

Go ahead, make my fridge.

Oh, if you want your own fridge (that'll display your LJ friends), modify the link to include your username.

Here's Brindle's.

Oh (2), this won't work on all browsers. Thus is the nature of JavaScript gimmicks.

Update: I made this more LJ-friendly. Just use your LJ name for fridge name & your word list will contain all of your LJ friends. You can write perverse things about your LJ friends and save it for all passers-by to see! I've also included code so you can include your fridge directly on your website or link to it from your LJ.

Update(2): My, what a fun reason to stay up late! Now you can add your own words!
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