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..A hunting wee weeow go..

Yesterday, I had my first physical interaction with a potential employer (an interview). This one was with a consulting agency (pimp), not with a direct client (john). Thus, there was very little pressure, as all I needed to do was assure them that I at least half-way know my stuff. Their client is the same bank I was working for out in Jacksonville the last 8 months, so that kinda puts my foot a little bit more in the door. Unfortunately, barring substantial interest in me, they won't actually need anyone until June. Today, I got an email back from Next To Denny's ( about a job I applied for there. It seems that I made it through the first round of cuts in their hiring process. I'm sure there's alot of competition for it, as they advertized that job all over the net. I now get the honor of filling out a Q&A sheet. Fun. Are questions like:
  • What is your favorite book?
  • Tell me your favorite joke

against the rules for hiring? I mean, what if my favorite book was like "White Supremacy for Non-White People", "The Gay Agenda" or something similarly politically charged. I'm sure I won't actually tell them any of my favorite jokes.

I'm glad the job hunt is finally taking off.
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