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Word for the day: Circumvegetate

Main Entry: cir·cum·veg·e·tate [wav]
Pronunciation: -'ve-j&-"tAt
Function: transitive verb
Etymology: Boredom while Mark was sitting around the house unemployed making up things to type.
Date: 2002
: to go completely around the house in a vegetative state; also : to go around the house only in an imaginary way such that one is merely daydreaming of the act instead of actually doing it. : see also SLACK [to circumvegetate a particular responsibility]
- cir·cum·veg·e·ta·tion /-"ve-j&-'tA-sh&n/ noun
- cir·cum·veg·e·ta·tor /-'ve-j&-"tA-t&r/ noun
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