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job prospects, dickhole employers, etc..

broad sweeping updates here:

Well, it seems that my ex-employer is not planning to pay me for my last few weeks of work. They are currently in violation of Texas Payday Law, as they haven't paid me in over a month. They owe me over $3k in wages and $400 in expenses. They aren't returning my phone calls, and I have insider info (they still have me on the company mailing list) indicating that their Dallas headquarters will be a PO box by the end of April. This does not give me any warm fuzzies about getting paid.

My job prospects in big D are thus:

  • An Airline: The pimp presenting me out there got me confused with someone else and thought I was no longer available. He loses. I lose.
  • A Bank: This prospect wouldn't become available until June.
  • A Major Dept. Store: I'm gonna see the pimp for this job Monday morning at 9am. This gig would involve ATG Dynamo, an aging technology.
  • A Major Hotel chain: I still need to reply with an autobiography (fave book, movie, etc) before they'll consider me further.
  • A Major Convenience Store: I might not qualify for this one - they might want someone a bit more studly than myself.
  • A Major Hotel Locating Website: I might get in on this one through an ex-coworker. I applied there last week, then found out that an ex-coworker is currently there. He's gonna put in a good plug for me.

There are a few others, but they're generally not significant at this point.

After actually talking to UDT, I found out that my former boss actually flat-out lied about my actions and accused me of going out of my way to help our competition. She said that I actually found the person who replaced me and submitted him through some other consulting company. I've never met, interviewed or talked to in any way my replacement. The things she said are slander. I never thought that someone who lied about me could actually affect me like this. I was wrong. People who fabricate lies really piss me off - especially in business. Her lie could have potentially cost me several thousand dollars. Hopefully, this will be resolved by Monday. Until then, I'm gonna keep myself properly inebriated and mentally numb or preoccupied.

I'm apparently not the only one who's been or being stiffed by UDT. I currently know of two others who are currently or have previously been fucked over by UDT.

FUckee Suckee
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