Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Parties, Hangovers and Impalas

Geez, thanks all for coming out last night. For some reason, I feel hungover, even though I didn't really drink all that much. It sucks to be me sometimes.

I've been neglecting our home and stuff lately, so I'm furthering my research on hooking up the '64 Impala. I found an air ride suspension kit for around $2000 that makes the old boat drive like a modern car:

On TV, they had a '63 impala going through a slalom course like it was a sports car. I was impressed.

Upgrading the suspension, putting on some large disc brakes and upgrading the motor are all in the stars for this car. Eventually, the paint and interior will get some attention, too.

Our lovely yet neglected baby Charlotte:

Charlotte headlights
Charlotte headlights

Charlotte backside view
Charlotte backside view

Charlotte's current sad reality
Charlotte's current sad reality

Maybe eventually I'll get the time/money/motivation to fix her up right. Until then, we have a house to fix up as well.
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