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P4s and ATX12V cases

I guess I didn't do my research before buying brindle a P4 cpu and motherboard last week. The CPU had been returned (it was on sale at Fry's), and was loose in the box when I opened it up. I even had to straighten up some of the pins before I could insert it into the socket. I got the whole thing together using her current ATX computer case, and the thing won't work. The only things that work are the cpu fan and the LEDs on the front of the case. I suspect the thing's a dud.

So, I figure why not actually read the install manual and see if I missed something...and there's a step where you "connect the ATX12V power source" to the motherboard. WTF is that? Anyways, I read on, and eventually figure out that this case (well, it's power supply) doesn't support this motherboard. Slightly miffed, I went to intel's site and looked around. Yep, I need a new case for her new processor. I've just wasted 2 paragraphs of your screen to tell you that. Thank you, good night.

P.S...Brindle won't be online for a little while until I get her old setup back together :P
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