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Just kidding! HAHA!

I'm trying to figure out what to do with the new 'do. I did notice, however, that I'm not going to get enough (legitimate) shower time with relatively short hair. It used to take me at least 20 mins to wash my hair, which included several minutes of zoning out (no, not that kinda zone..well, sometimes). I just got *really* clean. Twice. Then stared at the wall for a while under the hot water. Getting out of the shower was much less ritualistic than before. No more wringing out the "rope" of hair or the hour long drying ceremony. Those conveniences are nice.

On the other hand, now I have to do something with it. Now, there's product and styling to contend with. I have no idea what most of these products do, so my look will probably be somewhat random until I figure it out. I can do everything from an '80s cock rocker to somebody off of Lord of the Rings or Riverdance. I'm even considering doing Günther for Halloween, now that I'm so close to having a euro-mullet. Probably the *best* thing about having shorter hair is that I can bleach, dye and temporarily destroy it in the name of all the dead fashionistas that came before me. Long hair is too delicate to get away with the crazy shit for long.

So, I'm gonna pimp out the euro-mullet tonight at club spooky. I'll see some of you there, I suspect.
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