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Oooohhh the nerve of some people...

In general, I had alot of fun last night. I hadn't been out in a few weeks, mostly due to me being extremely stressed out. We went to spider babies and checked out the various vendings at the schlock sale going on there, where I first saw Holly(sisterdecadence). That was nice, though she was busy and we didn't get to chat any. We went down to SandBar a short while later and had a generally good time. Brindle took it upon herself to orchestrate an afterparty at our home, and it sounded like a good idea. Just about that time, Holly came by in front of SandBar and we *met*. What a lovely woman she is. We exchanged courtesies and agreed to conspire together in the future ;>

All throughout the evening, I was flirting with a boi with whom I've had a crush on for the last year or so. The flirting has intensified over the last few weeks. He was invited over to our little after-soiree, but not until after giving me an incorrect phone number. We made it back to our place, where the party had already started roaring. Some of Brindle's old-school friends were visiting and there was lots of camera and smut involved. I was a bit beyond tipsy, but still in control for the most part. My boi-flirt eventually showed up and proceeded to toy with me for the rest of the evening. He even got me nude on a futon, before sketching out and leaving with much haste. Dammit! That's sooo immature! I can only suspect that he is closeted or something and cannot deal with his sexuality. Either that, or he would rather go do drugs at someone else's place instead of making out with me. C'est la vie. It wouldn't be the first time that I was dissed for drugs. He has my phone number, and we'll just see if he ever uses it.

Our home is a stinky mess. I ache all over, and generally have a bit of a hangover. Ugh. The thing I hate most about hosting parties is sticky floors. That just drives me insane to walk on a sticky floor. Maybe I need some dominatrix to set up a B&D dungeon with syrup all over the floor and spank me and force me to walk around on it. Yes, I am sick.
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