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We made it

brindle and I walked the 10 miles around White Rock lake today. We did it in about 3 hours (excluding 7-11 picnic time). It was a lovely day for it, and it turned to a lovely evening during our walk. We started around 6:15, and watched the day end and the full moon rise during our walk. I love the breeze this time of year coming off of the lake. Having walked it, that makes me more prone to attempt to run around it. I've never run 10 miles (though I ran 7 miles once), but I now think I could reasonably pull it off.

This walk was reminiscent of our Thanksgiving day '99 bike ride out to Veggie Garden (in North Richardson) where we split our 35-mile ride up with lunch at our favorite vegan buffet. A very spontaneous event breaking lots of previously conceived limitations of what was possible for both of us to accomplish. We didn't really plan this walk very much and at every point around the first half of the lake maintained that we could always turn around and walk back. After our 7-11 picnic, we were already about half way around, so we were completely compelled to continue. Nothing particularly exciting happened, but we did eventually make it back to the car.

We're pretty worn out (Brindle has a huge blister on her foot) and aren't going out tonight. We both have a pretty hearty feeling of accomplishment, but frankly, I'm gonna geek out for a while on nullcraft Curry stuff, eat lots more, then hit the hay.
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