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Greetings, LJ land...

Long time, no postee, huh?

As of today, I'm still unemployed, I still have yet to release any fully usable open source software, I bought a new shirt and tie for a job interview tomorrow with a company "chock full o' Texans" located in lovely Garland that will pay about $20k/yr less than I was making 2.5 months ago, I'm writing horribly run-on sentences, I had a side project lined up for a few weeks of work, but that might not happen now, bitch, bitch, complain....

Tonight, brindle cooked up some serious grub and I'm totally digging on it. Since the death of, I've been researching alternatives for music stealing. I've been using KaZaA Lite ( and have downloaded mostly movies since I started playing with it. I watched A Clockwork Orange this evening, and have been trying to get Spiderman the movie for the last 2 days (1/7 of the way there...). It's amazing what just a few years of perspective change will do to one's appreciation of the ol' ultraviolence. I first saw A Clockwork Orange on acid at the ripe old age of 17 or 18 and apparently missed *alot* of the satire.

Ok, I have until 4pm tomorrow to remember how to use SQL7 stored procedures impressively enough to score an underpaying job with a bunch of cowpokes out in distant Godland working in the health care industry. Just shoot me now.
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