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The interview went well..I think I'm the most qualified person they've interviewed, but they're looking for someone with slightly different experience than mine. The company is fairly small (typical startup environment) where the dress code is jeans or shorts and nobody cares much about where or when you get your work done (at work or at home doesn't matter). All that's very cool. The main problems are that they want to pay alot less than market value for the position, they're located in Garland and they could go out of business at any time. All that aside, this looks like a reasonable position. About a third of my work would be writing scripts to load random bits of data into the company's M$ $QL $erver database.

On a better note, this morning I heard back from a way cool company downtown (two of them in fact). One of them I have a history with from a previous employer, and the other would be a M-W travel consulting gig with a pretty cool company. The travel gig is a perm job, and the other would start out as a 1-month position.

Why is it that I don't hear a peep out of any of these employers for 2 months, and now allofasudden, I'm Mr. Popular? The only thing that I can think of is that maybe their 2nd quarter results have been calculated and now they can affort to hire someone. The good part is that it looks like I'll be employed relatively soon one way or another.
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