Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

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drinking chai till I wanna puke

Ok, I've been obsessing over various vegan varieties of Chai tea lately. This evening, I finally brewed up a batch (the first in quite a while) and it turned out nice and yummy. It was heavy on the cardimom + ginger and tempered with almond mylk. I eventually realized that it needed a pinch of salt to bring out it's full body, but that was half-way through it. I think the next time I'll try sweetening it with maple syrup instead of turbinado sugar. I found alot of groovy recipe ideas at

Unfortunately, the black tea didn't really pull my head out of this fog it's been in lately. I've tended to have kinda high blood sugar the past week, and it's making me kinda stoopid. I wish my back would stop hurting so I could go back to running again.
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