Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

T-mobile internet settings

Just an FYI to those I know with an internet-capable T-mobile phone. I was very pissed off when they stopped allowing outbound access to web sites using non-default browsers installed on my phone (I have the $5/mo "Unlimited t-zones" account, not the $20/mo "Full Internet" acct). I had just bought a copy of the excellent Opera browser for my phone when they did this, and it all-of-a-sudden stopped working >:/

I was researching phone services for a project at work today and came across a site documenting how to get around this. For Opera, go to the advanced settings tab and enter the following info:

Enable Proxy: Yes
Http proxy host:
Http proxy port: 8080

Opera can now browse most websites, though I occasionally get a "proxy error" while browsing. Apparently, is blocked :(

Other, less popular sites still work, though.
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