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Just because more than one person has asked...

I bring you...the story of the death and rebirth of as copied from various emails and pasted here for your consumption:

About an hour or so before taking off to the airport to return to my consulting gig in Florida, I decided to try out a new kernel (2.2.x --> 2.4.x) that I had previously compiled remotely. I neglected to include a particular SCSI driver needed to boot my machine. I neglected to make a boot floppy, as I had successfully performed this operation hundreds of times in the past. Well, it just so happened that when I ran LILO, it left my boot sector pointing at a single un-bootable kernel and left me severely SOL. My server wouldn't boot, and I *had* to go to the airport. I wouldn't return home for another 3 weeks. That was the first 3 weeks of being down. The next trip home was for a weekend. I faced all sorts of CDROM failures, dead hard drives and just general bad luck. I wasted away my entire weekend home on the damn computer. Brindle (my most significant other) didn't appreciate that at all, neither did I. I decided to have a very thought out strategy for the next attempt (in 3 weeks). During this time, Brindle's motherboard fries and she migrates her Windoze OS to my server's box. We get her hooked up the following visit home. That ate up my opportunity to fix for the next few weeks - I return 3 weeks later.

I brought lots of ammo this time, including a SuSE 7.2 CD set with me. It turns
out that the RedHat distro that I was using didn't come with the SCSI driver my root partition needed on the rescue disk, so I installed SuSE on an old 2Gig IDE. So, after 9 weeks of downtime, I finally get a running OS on my server. Over the next few weeks, I slowly configure various bits from afar, and by the 10th week or so, I get back up and running (sorta). I still haven't returned to a productive
state, and don't intend on doing so until my next release of the software for it. The actual content of hasn't been updated in over a year. All we seem to be able to do is add photos under our personal directories and keep mp3s around on it. I've been working on a J2EE-based web application development framework under which to host various applications. Blah, blah, blah..I'll get done with (most of) it in the next 2 months or so.

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