Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,


Why does it take almost all day long to do the simplest things sometimes?

Crafty Wood

I don't know if any of you recall, but that will be the front face of this entertainment center:

I suppose I should have known better than to construct something with 3 arbitrarily odd angles that backs up against walls/floor/fireplace that aren't even square, level or straight to begin with. All of my geometry training is tossed out the window on this one. To make matters worse, the floor of the garage isn't level, either. I can't put it together in the garage and then expect it to fit in the living room.

For this piece of lumber, I measured many times to get just the right center point for the arch. I cut one side out, and realized that one of the outer sides was going to have to be shaved a bit to fit at the correct angle against a crooked fireplace. I was cutting based on measurements that I took (and lines that I drew) a few months ago. The center of the board moved over almost an inch, completely screwing up the arch. Many hours of sawing, planing and sanding later, I think I'm about as done as I care to get with it.

brindle just came home with dinner, so I'll stop whining and leave you to your evening :)
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