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Geeks rule

Ok, another fire-hazard busy day, mid-way through a hectic week. Today, I did everything from schmoozing my boss's boss's boss to diagnosing TCP/IP issues with a firewall. Not a damn line of code written, though. One of these days, this little slurry of ass-backward needy projects will conclude, and I'll have about a month of wondering what the hell is coming next. This sucks, because I'm really behind working on a few open source projects that are really cool. I have an all-day meeting tomorrow (10a-5p). What's strange is that I'm looking forward to it. I just wonder if Jason's Deli can deliver a vegan lunch :P

BTW, (no, there's no fucked up Joy Division+booty shaykah remixes or strange videos..that I've seen).

Also, for those of you who are interested in web development, I strongly encourage you to look at what LJ Jefe bradfitz is putting together for a distributed identification system. When I get time, I'd like to throw some of this back at Drupal and see what churns up.

Oh, I'm about to be monitoring my sites at work. Anyone have advice on what to use? (Nagios?)
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