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workin mah fingers to theh bone..

Ok, another day of home improvement. I started out my day painting what I hope will be the last color experiment on our front window. Library Red is the color name. I likee. That was very brief compared to what came next: I scraped paint and caulk until my fingers bled. Who knows what kind of lead-based ancient life forms I was inhaling in the process. I do know I sucked in a lot of direct sunlight. I wish my SPF 30 was really an SPF 60, but alas, my legs are still avert-your-eyes pale with a farmers tan up top for contrast. I have chips of ancient paint, caulk and glaze in every crevice of my person, my eyes burn, my back aches... I should now shower.

Oh, and just for reference, Fry's "Great Quality" computers are worth about what you pay for them. I suppose for a complete computer (minus monitor), $180 is way on the low end at the moment. It was neat buying a computer with Linux already installed on it (Linspire - formerly Lindows, I think). Too bad it was core dumping due to some hardware failure and in the end, even a fresh Debian Linux installation CD failed to boot it for the same reasons. So the real price is having to take it back once or twice in order to get one that isn't broken.
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