Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

computer died

My computer died Saturday.

It's about time, too. I installed M$ Windows initially to work with the Nokia developer tools for my phone. I installed them, did the app, then promptly forgot about developing any apps for my Nokia 3650 phone. I left a 30G partition for a future linux partition at that time. Well, all of that got allocated at some point or another, and I never got around to installing linux anywhere at home. Time passed...and eventually this configuration died.

So, I look for a linux distro that is geared toward a keen desktop environment. I tend to shy away from the more mainstream distros (RedHat, Fedora, SuSE, etc). I'd also like to stick close to my relatively recent Debian roots. Enter Ubuntu.

Along with the OS, it got a new 300G SATA drive and SB soundcard. The old 250G IDE, along with most of its contents will go to the new MythTV multimedia box in the living room. The MythTV box also got a new Turtle Beach Catalina sound card. It's pretty nice. It has optical digital output and makes low-quality mp3s sound like original recordings somehow. Getting all of this running under linux was a small challenge, though.

I'm not finished with the reorganization, so I don't have my old mail archives yet (and haven't connected to my mail server since Friday), but so far, I'm really liking Ubuntu. Very clean, very current.

(btw, this is by no means an update in the purist sense and yes, my life store is missing some chapters here. The gist of this post is to say that if you've tried to email me lately, I haven't read it yet.)
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