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A lead foot and a quick hand

I just barely avoided being part of a large freeway accident.

The sound of squealing tires to my left brought my attention to a pair of headlights pointing right at me. My natural reaction was to floor it and vere to the right onto the shoulder of the freeway, where I was driving while the car spun behind me, nearly clipping my bumper as it spun. I kept on the gas and stayed in front of the spinning beast while it bounced around the shoulder behind me. I have a fairly clear visual of the various car parts in all three mirrors as all of this was going on.

My adrenal gland doesn't really respond real-time, so I wasn't too upset about this until about 15 minutes later. I'm kinda shaken up at the moment, but booze and cigarrettes seem to keep me in check. It's strange how the idiot bubbles occasionally burst with close proximity to me.

The car eventually stopped, tail on the shoulder, nose in the right lane, with cars behind it (hopefully) stopping in time. Looking at the traffic page of the local news, I don't see any mention of it, so I hope the person spinning ended up ok. I'm just glad that I had the sensibility to get the hell out of the way when the time came. Not everybody has that gift.
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