Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Happy Good Luck Kitty Engrish

Just posted this to engrish, but thought my friends list could stand a dose of it, too.

The front of the box.
Good Luck Kitty

Good Luck Kitty Instructions (Engrish)

The full text (sic):

  • One NO.5 battery for praviding the power, enabling to automatically beckon the hand for months, setting it at any position, never be offected by the lights.

  • When it is in the initiative operation, please insert the fitted NO.5#1.5Vbattery into the bottom of the treasure-beckoning cat according to the inscribed polaritities. Then it can work immediately. The hand beckoning will automatically enter the stable condition for several minutes.

  • Inside attaching poly luck-beckoning lyrics, sticking them for immediate realizations.

  • Inside attaching several self-filled out creative and catchy phrases' lable paper.

  • If finding that the hand-beckoning stops swining, please change the same battery with type number.

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