Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

WRX update

Ok, after test driving what would be my new used car, somebody else apparently drove it and readjusted the seat, mirrors, wheel, etc. Driving it home last night, I found myself on the freeway before realizing that I could adjust the seat height (previous owner was a short, but tall in spirit, female driver). As I lowered the seat to a reasonable height for me (while driving down the freeway in the slow lane), it occurred to me that I could no longer see anything out of the side mirrors without straining myself in the seat. I looked all over for the mirror control and couldn't find it while driving, so I just took it easy and slow until I hit a gas station and gave it a better inspection.

The side mirror adjustment control is in the center console by the parking brake. Those crazy Japanese ;)

I don't think I'm quite comfortable with the fitting yet, but I'm sure I will figure it out soon enough. For some reason, it fit like a glove when I test drove it.

Some things I've learned:

  1. U-turns are much more fun with all-wheel drive (AWD).

  2. Entering freeways will be much more interesting now.

  3. 0.8 seconds after hitting the gas, the turbo kicks in. Must learn how to accelerate without using turbo...someday.

  4. I like bug-eyed, big nostril cars. A lot.

  5. WRX drivers seats are made for skinnier people than myself (if you can believe that). Maybe it just needs to be broken in some (see note about short previous owner).

  6. My car came with 4 crystal stones in the trunk under the carpet lining. They look specifically placed with 2 in each far corner of the trunk.

  7. I will have to get used to tinted windows again.

  8. Second gear will go a very long way.

  9. I will probably be an AWD snob about my cars from now on.

Some other things I've learned while cleaning up my Altima:

  1. I collect a bunch of crap in my car.

  2. I collect a bunch of crap in my car.

  3. I keep a fairly well maintained car.

  4. The tires on my old car have very little tread left.

  5. The brakes on my old car have very little pad left.

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