Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

New Logic

Good Stuff + Bad Stuff = Sleepy

Good Stuff:
Friday: bought car (yay me!)
Sunday: post ad to sell car (Altima named "foo"), Hick Jr. test drives car, likes it
Monday: sell car to Hick Jr.

Bad Stuff:
Saturday/Sunday: too busy to drive new car
Monday: too busy to do anything but work (and sell car)

I'm very sleepy right now. I don't know why I decided to post about it.

Favorite quote today was brindle's response to the sale of my car to Hick Jr.:
Poor foo has to listen to young kuntry & watch that hick try to finger fuck his girl.

As nice as the guy was, after he test drove it yesterday, I got in it this morning, and the radio was playing "young country" music. At that point, foo was dead to me.

My new car was named "foo II" (or "footoo," I haven't seen how Brindle spells it yet) I guess because I transplanted a "(FOO)" bumper sticker to it. I don't typically name my cars, mind you. This is a task for Brindle.

I think I'm an oddity, being a vegan adrenaline junkie. I'm OK with that.
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