Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Joyride territory

Look at this map and tell me if you can identify where the fun driving can be had.

The first few turns of the Harry Hines/Inwood clover are fun, but it starts to get old quickly. The most surprising find lately is Redfield. That S bend happens at the top of a small hill. It's just far enough away from the interesection to be going mildly fast (but not too fast) by the time you hit the bend. I think even my Altima could have gone sideways there if not done right. The best part is that I've never seen any traffic (people or cars) near this bend and you can see around the bend before entering it just for good measure.

Note: I'm going to have to make a non-brindle filter so she doen't worry about my driving habits ;)

Update: I'm going to add a few locations that I've found fun to drive here.
Meadow Creek/Hidden Ridge (too many people around, but fun in the rain)
[more to come later]
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