Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

time off

So, I'm finally getting around to taking some time off. I have a minion doing my bidding now at work. His current primary task is to learn most of what I do so that I can take a day off. Well, today was my first day off in a long time. My boss is pressuring me to take days off asap, to refresh myself before the next batch of hellfire and damnation sets in at work.

I spent my day drying out the interior of my car :(
It's coming along pretty well, though. It's mostly dry, but I'm running a fan in it constantly. It seems to be driving fine. Even so, I'm having a Subaru tech check it out in the morning. I don't want any surprises, and if it turns out that something is seriously messed up with it, I'm going to file an insurance claim. So far, it's cost me an air filter and 2 afternoons worth of labor.

To offset the car problems, I purchased a nail gun at Home Depot. It's not a real nail gun, but it'll shoot 1 1/4 inch brads and is 18V battery powered. I'm sure I'll get a fair bit of use out of it.

After reading this post again, I had one of those moments where I realize that my interests have changed. I still have most of my old interests, but the new ones are taking up most of my available time. In practice, I'm losing interests on a slow steady basis. This statement doesn't really amount to much, other than to note an odd reflective moment.
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