Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Water saga almost over

My car is going to be fine. The Subaru tech checked the drivetrain over and all systems are functioning properly.

I removed just about all of the interior of my car this afternoon. I left the doors and dashboard, but everything else had to come out in order to remove the carpet. I removed all the seats, the center console, the carpet and all of the little plastic thingies that cars come with these days. There's an amazing network of wires, cables and random little unexplainable plastic things left that were all hidden under the carpet. The floor is covered in patches of some kind of tar that is slightly sticky. I believe it is for noise dampening.

Now that the carpet is out and the driver's seat is back in, I'm going to leave it like that for a few weeks while it airs out. The carpet is drip drying in my garage. I cannot imagine what sort of nastiness would have grown underneath the padding. Yyeachh.
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