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almost 30...

I guess since I screwed my back up 2+ months ago, I haven't been very active physically. The only activity that I've participated much in is inline skating. Fortunately for me, I've only fallen once in recent memory, and it was a rather controlled fall. Dancing seems to be the riskiest behavior for me wrt my back injury. Drunkenly gyrating to loud music is the surest way to wake up in pain the next morning.

Last night, in addition to me dancing, several people either jumped on me or picked me up. I don't know what made me a particularly tempting target last night, but I now have various random aches. Perhaps the fact that I had on platform boots and a mini-skirt could explain this behavior. I just don't know.

Fortunately, ibuprofen seems to be enough pharmaceutical input to keep me in a tolerable state. I just want to return to doing regular fun stuff (like hot oil wrestling or river rafting) and not have to worry about getting hurt when someone picks me up and throws me around. I hope to not be so old next year.
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