Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

My car is back together

I just took apart my car's innards, re-installed the carpet, then reassembled the innards on top of the carpet. What sucks is that before installing the carpet, I found some foam under the pedals that was STILL wet. I soaked up as much as I could with paper towels.

It took me about 3 hours to perform the procedure, with about half an hour dedicated to separating one single electrical connection. The Feds don't make it easy to get these airbag connections apart. It's always dangerous to mess with airbags, as they could just pop if you were to cross the wrong wires accidentally. Car seats with airbags are heavy.

I spray painted all of the floor scratches I left from installing the seats without carpeting. I didn't want them to rust.

After going out last night and getting only 5 hours of sleep, I'm plum tuckered out.

more here
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