Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

$400 sunglasses

Yesterday, I went to the mall to buy some sunglasses (the prescription kind). I had previously spied a pair that I really liked, and they were just under $100. Since my vision prescription is out of date, I had to get a checkup before I could purchase the sunglasses.

I let the doc talk me into some groovy LaZ3r scAn treatment that will look deeply into my eyes. They will supposedly be emailing me images of my retina. I saw the images, and I do hope they send me all of the various permutations of color scale that the doc showed me. I apparently have a very small bubble in my retina right on the edge. He didn't seem way too concerned about it, but he did suggest a retina doc if I wanted to have it followed up on. If it were to start growing any, they could LaZ3r around it and pin it down to just one spot. Fun.

Anyways, after spending >$100 at the eye doc, I went to LenseCrackers to get the sunglasses I wanted (expecting to pay something over $100 but not much more than double that). The high school aged kid helping me sat me down at a table after I picked out the frames I wanted. He clicks around his computer, asks me if I'd like polarized lenses, etc. and eventually comes up with a total that's just over $400. For a pair of sunglasses that I might wear 2 days a week, 6 months out of the year. Call me a cheapass, but I'm not going for that. He haggled with me over every option as I told him to remove it. The price wasn't coming down fast enough, and I nearly walked out on him. I finally had to convince him that I wanted the bare minimum list of lense treatments that would work in these sunglasses (even then, I had to get him to take more shit off).

Eventually, I got it down to near $270 for them (which is still high for prescription sunglasses, IMO). Since when did lenses cost twice as much as frames?
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