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A good day...


Today was the first day that I've been able to successfully geek out in a long time. I had a relatively sustained hacking session that lasted about 6 hours. That's more focus than I've had in months. I finally decided to abandon some software that isn't really ready for prime time just yet. We also sanded and painted (1st coat) our computer table. It's gonna look pretty cool, I hope. In the meanwhile, our dining room is our current office space.

I guess I really need to limit my time spent watching television and time following politics, drama, gossip and smut online. Unplugging the laptop from the net seems to allow me to focus much more than when the prospect of job searching or email checking (or LJ cruising) is just a click away. I've become quite a news junkie lately. CNN (one of the worst) seems to be my primary entertainment. I still manage to spend 2-3 hours a week skating, and about an hour or two a day cooking. These activities are both cathartic and healthy. I should really fix the pedal on my bike and go biking sometime. I haven't been on 2 wheels in many months. I would have gone skating yesterday or Thursday, but both have been ozone action days and I would certainly have died (me!=stupid).

All in all, I have a pretty good outlook, regardless of the futile job prospectus.
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