Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,


Woke up with blood sugar around 300 (that's high).
Went to work and spent most of my day in meetings (sux).
Went to dentist to have perm crown installed.
Caught rock/bolt/something in my window on 183 coming home from dentist (cracked).
Purchased window fixer at Autozone on the way home.
Applied window fixer to my window.
While returning inside from fixing window, door handle came apart and left me locked outside.
Fucked with knob until I finally got in.
Tore apart doorknob and removed it's guts. Re-installed part of it just to cover the hole.
Got call from my brother asking for DSL support.
Wondering what to eat for dinner.

(yes, those are the window stickers of the beast)
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