Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Increasing our WT quotient by 20 points

I just installed a portable garage in our back yard. I realized that after getting the top tarp over the frame that it was on sideways. By that point, I was just beat and tied it down sideways so that the wind didn't blow it away. Surprisingly, it only took about 3 hours to get it unpacked, read the instuctions (sorta) and get it put together (sorta). Half of that time was spent in the dark, too. I'm excited as hell about getting this truck, but it's really wearing me out.

I have a ton of work to do (at work) and me only working 40 hours a week seems to be causing grief for others. I'm really trying to stick to a 40 hour work week if I'm not going to be doing work that I'm genuinely interested in. I think after 3 years of giving more than I have to offer, I'm just burnt out. I'm trying to diversify my time with non-work side projects (like the truck) and that seems to be keeping my mind occupied, as I'm learning something new all of the time. It's also an outlet for my creative side, which is an added bonus. I can't wait to get into metal fabrication.
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