Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Our 64 Impala

Saturday, I did a compression test on the '64 Impala. It faired quite well, with the cylinder pressure ranging from 166psi - 176psi. This is well within standard specs for this 327 V8 (specs are min: 160psi, max variance: 20psi), so I'm pretty happy about that. That tells me that it won't have to have any serious rebuilding any time soon. However, the spark plugs were a little fouled with oil, indicating that the valves are most likely having problems. I'm going to try to fix this with some oil additive (I was recommended CD-2) to help with that until I can get the heads torn off and machined properly. I'm sure some of the spark plug blackness was from running too rich of a fuel mixture - I suck at tuning a carburetor.

While I was under the car, I noticed an unnerving amount of rust. The entire undercarriage was completely covered with it. In fact, it was so bad, that I purchased a six-pack of POR - "Paint Over Rust" to keep it under control. I'm guessing that most of it is surface rust, so applying a chemical bonding agent to it will suffice (in lieu of cutting the pieces out and fabricating new she metal for it). I'm guessing that I will find spots that will need to be patched, but I won't be getting around to that any time soon. I've started a "to buy, to do" list and it's not as long as I thought it would be. Assuming I can continue to dedicate a few hours a week to it (and a few $$ a week as well), I don't see why this car can't be driven on a regular basis by Fall.

The truck is still exactly where we parked it last week. I'll probably get some motivation to work on it once I get these air tools and a stockpile of POR.
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