Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Documenting shopping/todo list Wish List for the Impala:
  Part #      Description                                                              Qty     Price Each 	 
* QQ23A       1960-1964 Impala dual-exhaust system for 327 models                       1 	$424.00
                      Aluminized steel.
* CC2009      1961-1964 4-door sedan rear door opening weatherstripping, reproduction.  1 	$65.00
* CC2017      1961-1964 4-door sedan and wagon models front door opening                1 	$70.00
* AD706BLK    Front sway bar with urethane bushings, 1” diameter, for 1958-1964 models. 1 	$146.00
* 6344BT9110  1963-1964 all 4-door models with A/T, Tuxedo-style 80/20 loop carpet.     1 	$146.00
* NS645       1959-1968 front bench upper/lower seat foams, set.                        1 	$277.00
* AZ123       1958-1970 seat side support springs for models with bench seat.           1 	$28.95  (if needed)
* BS964S33S   1964 Impala 4-door sedan models front/rear bench seat covers.             1 	$617.00

To add to this list, the following costs will be incurred:
* Car alarm with remote start.
* Cylinder head valve job.
* Rear differential seal and fresh fluid.
* POR-15 for painting over rust on undercarriage.
* Arm rest pads if I can't recover the existing ones by myself.
* Air conditioning service.
* New wiring harness (someday)

Now, for the TODO list:

* Straighten out driver's side front bumper.
* Sand/wire brush undercarriage (to prep for POR application).
* Apply POR to undercarriage.
* Tighten up misc bolts/screws under car.
* Spray and blow silicone lube into all cable and cord paths.
* Epoxy or weld A/C control knob under dash that is broken.
* Replace weatherstripping on doors and trunk.
* Replace carpet.
* Replace/repair front seat springs.
* Recover front and rear seats.

* Replace oil and filter (and main seal if it is, indeed leaking).
* Remove intake and cylinder heads and have valves seats serviced (replace valve guides/lifters/rods/rockers if needed). Reinstall.
* Replace tranny fluid.
* Replace rear diff seal and fluid.
* Replace rusty exhaust with new dual exhaust.
* Learn how to tune a carburetor and do so or have somebody who knows what they're doing do it.
* Convert distributor to electronic ignition

* Install new bigger sway bar to stop it from driving like a boat
* Replace brake fluid.
* Replace pads/rotors if needed

* Install car alarm
* Clean the *hell* out of it.

Yes, I am a list-maker. I often make long pretty lists and print them out only to watch them get buried in clutter and eventually discarded unread. However, if ever I'm at a loss for the next thing to do, it's very handy to have a todo list sitting around to address.
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