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Stuff and Things

I finally got the software updated and working with the new version of OJB. I'm not going to try to make it database agnostic until after I have released a stable version that uses strictly hypersonic DB. For now, I'm just trying to get things working in a similar state as they were before I set out to upgrade OJB. I'm sure most of you will have no clue what this is about.

In other news, I spent my evening cleaning up our house, getting ready for company tomorrow. I will officially be 30 years old in 10 minutes. I don't expect my life to change any as a direct result of that fact. I guess I will have transitioned into a new demographic. I won't be trusted by young hippies anymore. Perhaps I should do some illicit drugs or go parachuting or something. I guess if I do end up having a serious mid-youth crisis, I'll probably be considerate and practical about it - as always.

In yet other news, have any of you investigated I was chatting with sisterdecadence and I recalled a few words that I've submitted there:

As many made-up words as I see here on LJ, I think more people should contribute to this growing dictionary. I noticed an expression - "Circling the drain" which describes someone who's about to die. Funny.
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