Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Impala update

We're trying to save some dinero, so instead of buying a $500 dual exhaust system for the Impala, I decided to attempt to salvage the old one. After taking most of it off the car, I realized that the only part of it that really needed to be replaced was the muffler, so I decided to do a DIY muffler job. Somebody many ages ago bottomed out and ripped a small hole in the old muffler. It's been kinda jacked the whole time we've owned it. I found a $17 muffler ("Cherry Bomb Turbo II") at Autozone to replace the old one. The old muffler was about 33 inches long and was full of loose material (and weighs about 40 lbs, like it's full of some seriously nasty shit). The new one was 17 inches. I had to buy an extention pipe and two clamps for a total of $10 as well as a can of high temp silver spray paint (for $8). That put this DIY project up to $35 (still tons cheaper than the original parts replacement kit for $500 or the $600 muffler shop quote).

When I was much younger, I removed the exhaust from an old car. It took all day long. All of the rusty bolts were some serious knuckle busting hardship. Now that I am older, wiser and have more and better tools (the impact wrench and impact wratchet to be specific), I did this in about 20 mins. With a saws-all, I cut the muffler off of the rest of the exhaust pipe, and finished the job with a cutting wheel and an air hammer. Completely removing all welded muffler parts from the exhaust took another half hour. I removed the surface rust with a wire brush and that's when I figured out that the exhaust was still in fairly good shape. I spent about an hour or so cleaning rust off the pipes by hand with a wire brush and getting them prepared to be painted (a hand-held media blaster would have sped that up quite a bit...why the hell didn't I buy one when it was on sale for $15?). I didn't remove the exhaust manifolds today, but I'm planning on doing that tomorrow so I can clean them up and seal out rust with some left-over high temp paint. I painted the pipe that I took off today, and it looks really nice.

Here's a pic of what I removed from the car.

I hope tomorrow's tasks go as smoothly. We're probably going to be painting and hanging blinds in addition to my rusty endeavors.
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