Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

More exhausting work today (get it?...exhaust-ing?..haha) out in the man hole. I was so happy that yesterday's tasks went so smoothly, but I knew it couldn't last. Today, I decided to remove the exhaust manifolds in order to clean up/inspect the entire exhaust system - engine to tail pipe. As it turns out, I had to remove most of the engine components to get this stuff out. This was mostly easy except for two large rusty bolts that were in very awkward locations. I spent about 1/4 of my work day just attempting to remove these two bolts. My lovely power tools couldn't access the cramped location, so I ended up doing things the hard way by trying every possible tool to get it done in progressively more work-intensive steps. Impact wrench - won't fit. Air wratchet - won't fit. Deep socket - won't fit. Short socket - fits but needs to be deeper. Medium socket - too long. After I had tried everything but squeezing a small hand wrench up there, it only took about 20 mins of pain to get if off. "Liquid Wrench" is a lie. I lost a chunk of flesh from my finger in the process of getting this stuff out.

Exhaust manifolds:

Crossover pipe:

Stuff being worked on:

I used a wire brush and surface prep pad to get the metal clean, but parts of it had grease on it, so I ended up washing the parts in a bucket of Pine-Sol and soaking myself while rinsing it off. After I got everything cleaned, I sprayed a coat of silver paint on it. I guess I'll get it all back together soon. Next weekend, I hope to finish the POR-15 treatment for the underside of the car. It'll be much easier without the exhaust in the way.
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