Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

4-day weekend is over

I started out this past weekend on Friday afternoon with a going-away party for a coworker. I'll miss him.

I started drinking around 3:30p.
By 6:30, I went home and we got ready to see the Legendary Pink Dots play at the gypsy tea room. We fed C+J's pets. Great show as always, even with some anectodal improv story about Edward being the last armadillo on I35 and how he was cursed to have to cross the freeway amongst his ded brethren.
We went to Minc for the afterparty and stayed out until we were evicted at bar time.
Went home, slept, woke up, slacked and slothed. I made banana bread. I ate banana bread. That was Saturday.

Sunday, I installed yet more blinds and did various portions of boy-work.

Monday, I finally watched Star Wars - something about the Sith. Ehh. It was ok (I know, heresy). I guess it might have been better in the theatre. I think they relied too much on special effects and neglected the plot. I spent the afternoon coding a new OO PHP CMS project. My cursed coworker planted an idea in my head right before the holiday and I just couldn't wait until getting back to the office to see if it would work. Dammit. I should leave early tomorrow just to recoup some of that time. :P

Tuesday, I broke out the metal prep pad and did some nice work on the underside of the Impala again. There's still quite a bit of surface rust. I swear, there is about a football field of nooks and crannies under that beast. Cleaning it up, I blew compressed air into the frame rails and out came large chunks of West Texas red dirt. There was well over a handfull on the floor at one point. I don't think I got it all. I was going to apply the rust-paint stuff, but it started raining before I got around to it. Instead, I finally got around to replacing some serious fire hazard electrical plugs that were completely rotten. One of them had no face on it whatsoever - completely bare. I shoulda taken pictures. brindle would have wondered why the house hadn't already burned down.

Now, aren't you glad I documented my weekend?
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