Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Bigger is sometimes better

I bought a new floor jack yesterday.

Aside from not having a very smooth release valve, it's a decent jack. It lifts to about 20 inches, which is way higher than my previous toy jack. My old jack busted a valve and needed to be replaced. It worked fine on import cars, but for the impala and the truck, I needed something a bit more sturdy. I got it for $45 at Harbor Freight. They had a bigger one for $60, but it weight about 100lbs. I'd rather not push around any more weight than I need to. As it stands, this jack's 2.25 ton capacity should be more than enough for anything that I'd be doing. My only problem with it is that the valve locks into place when it's closed off and releasing it to lower the car happens way too quickly. That can be a serious hazard if I'm not careful. I hope it will smooth out after using it for a while.
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